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Industrial hemp farmers

1913 - Ghluhiv, Ukraine




Hemp cultivation is one of the oldest branches of national agriculture. According to 1956 data, the largest hemp planting areas were concentrated in the USSR, which ranked first in the world in terms of planting (620,000 hectares)


Found and managed by First Hemp Corporation LLC (FHC) with the mission to revive Ukrainian hemp production industry, FHC is working closely with international businesses and regulatory bodies to establish unified quality standards resulting in safer, faster and even more transparent trade of industrial hemp products

Aleksey FHC

An organization

built around people

First Hemp Corporation follows its strict values of social engagement, which transforms in the purpose of providing people engaged in cultivation of industrial hemp with sufficient support, knowledge, technology and most importantly long term engagement contracts - which result in greater financial stability, growth and innovation.

First Hemp Corporation always aims to grow the qualification of its employees through education, networking and participation in international workshops. If you are interested in expanding your skills, learning more about cultivation of hemp and working in a dynamic environment, don't hesitate to file your CV using the link below.

Stability as a

factor of growth

We at FHC believe, that growth happens in a stable and safe environment which can be guaranteed for a sufficient amount of time. Therefore, our management and business approach is based on long term targets which represent the big picture rather than short term business opportunities. Like this, we build a base for our future generations to shape a truly sustainable and efficient society and business around it.


More about 

First Hemp Corporation LLC

First Hemp Corporation (also known as FHC) is the leader of the Ukrainian industrial hemp sector and the largest hemp stock bank in Ukraine. The company is focused on innovation of hemp harvesting sector through providing access to information, technology, financials, legal support and distribution channels worldwide.

Apart from own harvesting premises, the company is cooperating with large number of local suppliers and processing facilities to secure sufficient product quantities under our own quality standards.

The main goals and objectives of First Hemp Corporation are introduction of unified regional quality standards for all products and derivatives from the Cannabis Sativa plant, for the purpose of transparent and sustainable international trade. Import of modern technology to boost production and creation of local development hubs to improve on Ukrainian historic know-how in connection to harvesting industrial hemp on Ukrainian soil.

In addition to that, First Hemp Corporation is cooperating with Ukrainian authorities to drive legislative development simplifying harvest, processing, trade and taxation of hemp products.

First Hemp Corporation is parallelly playing an important role to promote industrial hemp as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional non-organic products especially in the packaging, construction and automotive industries. Through transparent handling and open data, FHC is working on creating clear traceability protocols to efficiently calculate carbon footprint of the harvest and further products derived. This practice has made it available to consumers to fully understand the advantages of utilizing organic materials over chemical alternatives, which leads to increase of demand for the hemp products.

In September 2020, FHC and its beneficiary European Material Bank GmbH have stepped into an exclusive cooperation with the company PAPACKS Green Holding GmbH (also known as PAPACKS) to supply raw hemp materials for the packaging industry. This is a major breakthrough for both players, as PAPACKS is the leading sustainable packaging producer in Europe, operating one of the largest production facilities for moulded fiber packaging.

The synergies derived from this cooperation shall promote the utilization of hemp in packaging and on the other hand, open new ways of production, recycling and composting of the final products.


Further corporations are being envisioned for the year 2021, especially in the joining international alliances for hemp cultivation fur the purpose of quality standards unification and expansion of the distribution/production network. In the essence of recent legislation changes for the benefit of CBD production, FHC is also aiming to secure cooperation agreements with relevant market players in the European Union to secure even better qualitative and innovative processing services for our CBD isolate products.

In 2020 the company has also established two logistics and distribution centers in Arnstadt, Germany and Prague, Czech Republic to support the logistics, storage and distribution operations through and in the European Union. This extension has made it available to offer client-oriented services targeting retail, storing and delivery to the client’s destination all operated and managed entirely by FHC. The centers also serve as product show rooms and points of information for clients and partners interested in cooperating with the FHC.

The company’s long-term strategy is to focus on securing consistent quality protocols in own harvesting premises and scale-up through acquisition of new land plus involvement of third parties with FHC able to comply with required regulations and quality standards. For this purpose, the company is actively engaged in working with its agricultural partners and national entities to efficiently identify and secure such opportunities.


Simultaneously, FHC is aiming to engage great efforts to promote Ukrainian hemp as a safe and high quality product internationally to acquire new business and create competitive environment for industrial hemp producers in Ukraine.

From the field to your warehouse

By strictly following this rule, we are aiming to avoid unnecessary time and cost which might be caused through introduction of third parties in processing and delivery of ordered goods. Through utilization of own supply networks we are able to deliver goods nationally and internationally.

Main logistics centers:

  • Cherkasy, Ukraine

  • Arnstadt (Thuringia), Germany

  • Prague, Czech Republic

Alternatively the products can be delivered ex works in Cherkasy, Ukraine.

Company name

Full name – Limited liability company First Hemp Corporation
Abbreviated name – First Hemp Corporation and/or "FHC"


Company Director: Mr. Yuri Marchuk

Legal information

Company registration number:  43913276

INN Number: 439132723017

Bank information

Account holder: First Hemp Corporation LLC

IBAN: UA39203200000000002382827


Financial Institute: Raiffeisen Bank Aval

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