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The endless processing possibilities of the hemp plant drive our innovation and integration to new industries


First Hemp Corporation is pioneering in development of industrial hemp materials and substrates to offer a sustainable alternative to common artificial solutions. Modern technology and know-how enables us to fully explore the potential of industrial hemp and adapt it to current market requirements.

Environmental protection is one of the greatest challenges facing the current generation. Due to increasing environmental concern and protection, the number of available studies dealing with the potential use of natural fibers in developing thermoset and thermoplastics composites as well as improving their mechanical performance through physical and chemical surface treatments is growing. Furthermore, natural fibers are getting more attention as possible alternative replacements for synthetic fibers, such as glass fibers.

Natural fibers are eco-friendly, are non-abrasive to the processing equipment, are relatively low cost, are from renewable resources, have low density, and have high specific strength and stiffness. On average, natural fiber production uses 60% less energy than glass fiber production, and results in lower air emissions. Moreover, the wastes are mostly organic and 100% biodegradable.

Hemp processing offerings


Cannabis Sativa L.

Hemp fiber pulperization

Pulperization is a fiber preparation process intended to achieve required pulp consistency for the purpose of moulded fiber production process to manufacture packaging and other diverse products


In exclusive partnership with


Hemp stem and fiber milling

Through high precision milling, industrial hemp fibers are pulverized to desired density which is used for production of pellets for injection moulding technology and pharmaceutical purposes

moulding pellets

CO2 supercritical CBD extraction

Supercritical CO2 extraction, also known as scCO2, is a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly extraction process proven to yield a fresh, clean, aromatic oil without the toxicity and other safety hazards inherent in other CBD extraction methods

Individual processing capabilities


If you are searching for processing or refinement technology which is not listed on this website, FHC may help you allocate such services in Ukraine thanks to the large network of partners and suppliers.

In case you have a concrete inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our technical department to consult on your project using the link below.

First Hemp Corporation works in close cooperation with third parties to ensure additional industrial hemp processing capabilities which are not offered by First Hemp Corporation.

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